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Video:How to Eat Lobster

with Rich Vellante, Legal Sea Foods

With their hard shells, lobsters aren't the easiest crustaceans to eat. Here, a chef shows you how to open a lobster and locate its sweet, succulent meat.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Eat Lobster

Hello, I am Rich Vellante, executive chef of Legal Sea Foods in Boston, MA, for Food. Today I am going to show you how to eat a lobster.

Supplies Needed to Open a Lobster

Now, these are fully cooked, hard shell lobsters, but what we will need is obviously the lobsters. We will need the ubiquitous lobster cracker. You see these all the time.

You can find a small fork. I like some shears. These are poultry shears but they also work well with lobster, or any type of heavy-duty scissors would work. If you have them, gloves are always helpful.

Twist the Lobster's Claws

Now the first step is to segment the lobster. Now what we'll do -- this is very easy -- we will grab the claw.

This is the crusher claw. You can see the difference. This is the pinching claw, and this is the crusher.

You just take this by the knuckle this is the knuckle area. It comes out very easily; it is like a hinge you just twist and pull. And you do the same thing with the pincher claw -- twist and pull.

Pull the Lobster's Tail

The other piece is the tail. The tail is again on a hinge. What you want to do is you want to grab the cavity, and you twist and you pull.

And you see this is a female lobster; you can pull out some of the red roe.

Open the Cavity of the Lobster

Now we also have the cavity and we also have the legs. What you do again another hinge, is you take the cavity and you pull off. You want to open this up and twist it and open it.

There is some meat in here, if you are really adventurous and want to pick through it.

Cut Open the Tail

With the legs, you can take a wine bottle or pepper mill or take anything that can roll. Now you have the tail.

Take the shears and just cut right down the middle. You can also cut this with a knife if you like, but I think it's a lot easier with the shears.

And it just opens up the lobster and you can pull the tail right out.

Open the Knuckles and Claws

This is the crusher claw. You take that first piece off; you twist and take it off. And then I want to show you with these crushers here. You just crush it.

And what it does is it just cracks the shell so that you can get at the lobster. Now this leaves you left with the knuckles.

Now the knuckles you can get out with the lobster crackers and you just crack it like that. The other way is to use the shears. I find the shears to be much easier if you just cut along the edges. And it is much easier to get at the meat.

Serve the Lobster With Butter

What we've done here is we've got all of the meat out of the lobster, and now we'll go get some butter. I have melted some butter on the back.

What you can do with that butter is you can microwave it or just cook it over a low heat. And lobster is really a vehicle for butter because you need to just dip it right in.

So you dip it in there. And there is probably nothing better when you marry the two of them.

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