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Video:Corned Beef Versus Brisket

with Gary Canter

Corned beef versus brisket -- it can be difficult to distinguish between them. Learn about the differences between corned beef and brisket, including how long to pickle corned beef for.See Transcript

Transcript:Corned Beef Versus Brisket

Hi, I'm Gary Canter, grandson of the founder, at Canter's Deli in Los Angeles, and we're here with to show you the difference between a delicious brisket and a delicious corned beef.

Corned Beef Is Brisket Meat That Is Pickled

Corned beef and brisket are the same cuts of meat. It's basically, they take a brisket and put a little garlic in there and coriander seeds and bay leaves, and it's brined for 24 days and then it turns into a corned beef.

This is corned beef that just came out of the oven, so this is how the corned beef looks. And here's a brisket. Corned beef is just like a brisket. It's just pickled for 24 days.

Brisket and Pastrami Are Two Different Cuts of Meat

Brisket is from the front part of the steer. It's really a good meat. And then pastrami comes from underneath, and I have a nice pastrami here, so this is what pastrami looks like, by the way.

Years ago we used to pickle everything -- 75-80 years ago -- in the barrels. And you have to put garlic, and the water has to be just right. You have to have the pickling spices. So to really make corned beef the old-fashioned way, it needs to be in the barrel for 24 days. So, I don't know if somebody would really have the time to pickle it for 24 days at home.

Now pastrami is similar to brisket, it's right next to the brisket, and it's cured just like corned beef, but it's covered in costly spices and smoked for about 10 hours at about 110 degrees.

Corned Beef and Brisket Make Popular Sandwiches

We sell thousands and thousands of sandwiches every week of corned beef. That's our most popular. And then comes pastrami and then comes brisket. You have delicious, fresh, brisket of beef right here. You've got delicious corned beef with a side of pickles over here. And now you have a little, hand-cut, mouth-watering pastrami. What could be better?

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