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Video:5 Substitutes for Sour Cream

with Jodina Hahn Gallo

If you're out of sour cream and don't want to run to the store, there are plenty of sour cream substitutes in your fridge. Here are five easy sour cream substitutes for cooking and baking.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Substitutes for Sour Cream

Hi there! I am Jodina of ItalianoWithJodina.com. I am an Italian language and cooking teacher in the San Diego area. Today we're going to talk about substitutes for sour cream.

Buttermilk Is a Good Sour Cream Substitute for Baking

Now buttermilk is a good substitute for sour cream, because both buttermilk and sour cream are made in a similar way. Buttermilk of course, coming from milk, is more watery than sour cream. Of course, it's going to be lower in calories than sour cream, but because of its more watery texture, it's not going to be a good substitute for dips.

However, it is a good substitute for baked goods. You can use it in equal parts, and because of its more watery texture your finished baked goods will be moister than if you would use sour cream.

Evaporated Milk Plus Vinegar Makes a Sour Cream Substitute

Evaporated milk is another substitute for sour cream. Now it's a good one in a pinch, or if you've got just a little bit of sour cream or none at all, because many people keep evaporated milk in their pantries as a backup. So you cannot substitute evaporated milk in equal parts, because it's just milk and has no acidity.

So what you need to do, is you need to take a tablespoon of white vinegar, to that we're going to add enough evaporated milk to fill one cup, and there you have it. White vinegar and evaporated milk will give you a substitute for sour cream with enough acidity to use in your baked goods so that they will rise as they need to.

Cottage Cheese Is a Good Sour Cream Substitutes for Dips

So even though I have told you that buttermilk isn't a good substitute for sour cream in dips, however, you can take advantage of it's sour flavor and you can blend the buttermilk with some cottage cheese and make a really nice dip, substituting buttermilk and cottage cheese for the sour cream, and end up with a dip that's much lower in calories than if you would use the sour cream.

Plain Yogurt Is the Closest Sour Cream Substitute

And now let's talk about yogurt. Yogurt is the most universal substitute for sour cream. It can be used across the board in all types of cooked and baked recipes. Yogurt is produced differently from sour cream in that the final end product still contains its live beneficial bacteria. This makes yogurt an especially good and healthy substitute for sour cream for uncooked dishes, such as dips or toppings for dessert and potatoes.

So if you're using plain yogurt, just a plain regular yogurt, and you'd like it to be a little bit creamier and denser, which you can do, is take a little bit of it and put it into some cheesecloth and then use your cheesecloth to strain it.

Greek Yogurt Is Also a Good Substitute for Sour Cream

However, if you'd like to forgo that step, you can just jump to buying Greek Yogurt, which is already pre-sieved, pre-drained and it's much denser, richer. It's also a bit chunkier and lumpier as you can see.You can take a spoon and quickly smooth it out.

You can use yogurt as a substitute in baked goods in equal parts. For recipes involving heating on a stove top, you can add 2 tablespoons of flour to each cup of plain yogurt. This will prevent curdling as well as thicken the yogurt.

And there you have it, a whole bunch of great substitutes for sour cream.
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