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Video:5 Popular Alcohol Substitutions

with David Dietrich

Want to learn about 5 popular alcohol substitutions? Here, see facts about popular alcohol substitutions and which liquids work best in place of these types of alcohol.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Popular Alcohol Substitutions

Hello this is David Dietrich with Today we are going to take a look at substitutions for 5 commonly used alcohols in cooking and we are going to start with Vodka.

Alcohol Substitutions for Vodka

If your recipe calls for Vodka you can use white grape juice or apple cider mixed with some lime juice. If you are in a real pinch you can also replace it with water but you will lose flavor.

Alcohol Substitutions for Beer

Beers can be replaced with chicken broth, ginger ale, or white grape juice. Non-alcoholic beer is also an option. Darker beers will use thicker beef or mushroom stocks.

Alcohol Substitutions for Rum

For rum pineapple juice with almond extract works great. If it is dark rum simply add a little bit of molasses to the juice and extract.

Alcohol Substitutions for Brandy

Brandy is replaced with fruit juices. The flavoring of the recipe is going to determine the type of juice you choose.

Alcohol Substitutions for Wine

Grapes are the heart of wine so it makes sense that when replacing wine in a recipe Grape juice is the most common ingredient. For white mix the juice with white wine vinegar or sider. Ginger Ale and chicken broth are options as well. For red wines mix grape juice with red wine vinegar, or beef broth. Water can be used as well.

Information About Alcohol Substitutions

When substituting you are going to need to use your best judgment on what flavor and how much of that flavor are going to be appropriate for the recipe. Sweet recipes will call for different substitutions than savory recipes. In general you want to use an equal part substitution.All of these substitutions are used when the alcohol is meant to impart flavor to the recipe. If the alcohol is required for more than flavoring a substitution shouldn't be made. This would include breads that use beer to leaven the batter, fondue, which uses alcohol to raise the boiling point of the cheese, and flambé which uses the alcohol to fuel its entertaining displays of fire.

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