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Video:How to Prepare to Sell a Home

with Leanne Goff

Want to learn how to best prepare to sell a home? Here see tips and tricks before you put the house on the market.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Prepare to Sell a Home

Hi, my name is Leanne Goff with Walnut Realty in Boulder, Colorado and I am here today with to talk about how to prepare to sell a home.

Facts About Preparing to Sell a Home

When preparing to sell a home the first thing you need to ask yourself is if you are really motivated. Are you committed to this process. Ask yourself if you are really ready to pick up all your things and go to that new house, because it is not an easy process. There will be buyers making appointments and stopping by your house, and you need to keep it clean. It's not something that you just do overnight; it has to be something that you are really ready and committed to. When preparing to sell your home be sure to check out where you want to move to; look at those new neighborhoods and see what is going to be a good fit for you and your family.

Prepare to Sell a Home

Drive neighborhoods where you want to live. Search on the internet. Be sure to get a real feeling for that new place you hope to move to. All agents are not created equal. Some agents have different strategies for marketing your property. It's a good idea to ask them if they have a business plan and a week-by-week process that you can expect they will deliver upon. Be sure to have a list of questions for each agent. Ask them things like: What repairs need to be made on the home? What price they would list the home at? If there are any interior or exterior improvements that can be made? Ask your agent if they have any experience with home staging.

More on Preparing to Sell a Home

Often times a home that is staged will command a higher price than a home that hasn't been de-personalized or de-cluttered. Don't take the agent that is going to list your home at the highest price;they may be pricing your home out of market value, which would actually make your home sit. Be sure to choose your agent based on their marketing plan, on their weekly summary of activities, and the different ways they are going to get exposure for your home.

Additional Information on Preparing to Sell a Home

One really good way to know you have a good agent is when they come to you with a net profit sheet, or a hud one. I like to bring one to my clients that shows the high price and the low price of what they can expect in the sale of their home. Another really good thing to do is prepare a loan scenario sheet for your property. I like to put it on the kitchen counter, or maybe on the table, so that when a potential buyer comes to your home they can see three different loan scenarios based on different down payments. This will describe to them what their monthly commitment will be if they buy your home.

One important step when getting ready to sell your home is to call your lender and ask for the pay-off amount and the beneficiary statement. You can also go ahead and ask that same lender, as well as you home bank, and maybe some credit unions, about pre-approval for your next home. Be sure to get a couple of pre-approval letters from different institutions so that you can qualify for the best rate on your new mortgage.

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