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Video:How to Get Rid of Fleas in a Yard

with Rick

In order to get rid of fleas in the yard, learn what treatments are needed and how to safely apply them to prevent a pest infestation. You can rid your lawn of fleas with a few simple steps and tools.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Get Rid of Fleas in a Yard

Hi My Name is Rick from St.Louis Pest Control. It's located in St.Louis, MO and we're shooting a video for on how to control fleas in the yard.

After Treating a House, Treat the Yard for Fleas

Once a house is treated you want to focus on your yard. Some of the things you can do is buy a granule from your local home improvement store. And they have many types of granules, they have insecticides and other kinds. But what you'll need is something called a spreader. In this spreader you put the material inside, set it on the preferred settings, and you go back in forth in your yard. You are applying an insecticide to the ground which is going to kill the fleas and prevent them from getting inside the house.

Follow Directions on Insecticide Products

One thing you always have to do is get the instructions. This is the label off the bag and you basically look to see what kind of rate to put down and if you are suppose to water it afterwards because the product will not work unless it's applied properly.

Now there are professionals out there that can do that. We do treat the yard if they want to but if they want to try and save some money, they can do it themselves. After you read the instructions you open the bag and put your chemical in here. And its just like cutting the grass you go back and forth with overlapping sweeps. When you are all done I recommend watering your lawn for about an hour. Watering your lawn will activate the insecticide and go into the ground where the fleas are hiding.

Treating the Yard's Perimeter Can Help Prevent Fleas

For the people that don't want to treat the whole yard. They can put a ten foot band of material going around the house. That way anybody coming to the house like walking on the sidewalk they are protected. That would save you a little bit of money if you just do that ten foot area band.

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