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Video:Make Address Labels in Word

with Don Schechter

Put your creative stamp on outgoing mail by creating envelope address labels in Microsoft Word. Watch how to make labels and customize envelopes.See Transcript

Transcript:Make Address Labels in Word

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for Money. Today, I'll show you how to make address labels to put on envelopes.

Microsoft Word makes it easy to quickly and neatly create labels. You can also customize the envelope any way you want to suit your needs.

Enter the Addresses

First open up a new Word document. Go to 'Tools' in the menu bar and select 'Mailings and Letters.' Click 'envelopes and labels.'

A window will open up and give you some options about how to print your labels. Under the tab 'Envelopes,' there are fields where you can enter your return address and the recipients address.

You can manually enter both address, or click on the book icon to add addresses that are in your Outlook address book. If you do not want to include your return address, click 'Omit' on the right.

Customize Your Printing Options

To customize your envelope and your printing options, click 'Options.' Select 'Printing Options' to change the feed method of your printer. This will show you how to position the envelope in the printer.

Check how your printer prints out paper, and then select the options by clicking on the boxes.

My printer prints face up, so Ill click face up below the boxes. If your printer prints counter clockwise, uncheck the button that says clockwise rotation. When youre done, click OK.

Customize Your Envelope Options

Next, go back to 'Options' and select the 'Envelope Options' tab. To change the size of your envelope, use the dropdown box labeled 'Envelope Size.'

You can select the size of your envelope from presets. Or create a custom size by selecting custom size and then changing the dimensions in the prompted window.

You can also change how far from the edge of the envelope your return and delivery addresses appear. To do this, click the selection boxes in the appropriate section.

Change the Appearance of the Label

I want to change the address fonts. Click 'Font' for either delivery or address. In the new window, you can change font options such as font type, font style, size, and color. Click 'OK' when you are done, and then click 'OK' in the Options menu.

When you have made all of the changes to the envelope, you can preview the envelope by selecting new document or you can hit print.

Create Labels for Returns or Deliveries

You can also create labels for return or delivery addresses. Go back to Letters and Mailings, and then to Envelopes and Labels. Select the 'labels' tag, and then in the field, type the address.

You can also add an address from outlook. If you want to print a full page of address labels, under the Print section, select 'full page' of the same label.

You can only preview your labels if you select full page. Then select 'Options.'

Customize a New Label

Match your blank label sheet that you will print to one of the options under Label Information. To select your information, click on the dropdown menus under Label Information. Be sure to have both the label products and the product number correct.

You can also customize your labels by clicking on the 'new label' button and creating the dimensions, margins, and number of bars. Title your new label, and then hit 'OK.'

When you are done selecting your label format, click 'OK,' then 'Print' and your labels will be created.

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