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Video:Major Battles of WWII: European Theater

with Frank Couvares

The battles fought in Europe during WWII were pivotal and devastating confrontations. Learn more about the European theater of WWII in this history video.See Transcript

Transcript:Major Battles of WWII: European Theater

Hi, I'm Frank Couvares for, and I'm here to talk to you about major battles of World War II in the European theater.

The Eastern Front in WWII

The real heart of the war in Europe is the Eastern front, the front that opens up at the end of 1941 when the Germans invade Russia. It's a long slog through Eastern Europe. Those major battles of 1942, Leningrad in the north, Moscow in the center, and most importantly, Stalingrad in the south, rip the heart out of the German army.

WWII Tank Battles

It is after that, in 1943 on the plains of Kursk that the greatest tank battle in history is fought, and the great Panzer tank divisions of the German army are wiped out. Those enormous victories really spell the end of Germany.Now the only question is, how far will the Russians get? How far will the Americans get? Not that there aren't other great battles.

Capitol Battles in WWII

Obviously, D-Day itself, The Battle of the Bulge, the last great German counterattack on the Western Front - all costly and major battles. And the end might have been slightly different had those battles gone the other way. But fundamentally, after 1942 - not only in Europe of course, but in the Pacific with the battle of Midway, and in Africa with the battle of El Alamein - the Axis Powers are broken. The battles that came afterward - whether it was in the Pacific or in Africa or in Europe - were essentially the long playing out of the terrible end game.

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