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Video:Profile of Queen Victoria

with Michael Sanchez

Queen Victoria is one of the most noteworthy monarchs in all of British history. This video will give you a brief look at the life of Queen Victoria.See Transcript

Transcript:Profile of Queen Victoria

Hello, my name is Michael Sanchez for Today we'll be learning about British monarch Queen Victoria.

Victoria's Early Life

Alexandrina (Alegzandreena) Victoria was born on May 24th, 1819, in London, England. Her mother was Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, a princess of German descent, and her father was Prince Edward, the son of King George the 3rd, making her a princess at birth. With no other royal successors, Princess Victoria became "heiress presumptive" to her uncle King William the 4th in 1830, making her eligible to become queen on her 18th birthday.

Choosing a Suitor

While still a teenager, Victoria's relatives began lining up prospective suitors for the princess. King William favored Prince Alexander of the Netherlands but Victoria preferred the company of Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, introduced to her by her uncle King Leopold the 1st of Belgium.

Victoria Becomes Queen

King William died on June 20th, 1837, and Victoria was coronated Queen almost one year later on June 28th, 1838. Victoria was in no hurry to marry but felt constrained by her mother's constant presence. In October of 1939, she asked Prince Albert to marry her and they were wed on February 10th 1840. Despite her disdain for pregnancy, Queen Victoria had nine children between 1840 and 1857. The five girls and four boys all went on to marry royalty and nobility throughout Europe, garnering Victoria the nickname "Grandmother of Europe".

Improved International Relations

Ever intent on improving international relations, Victoria and her husband made a trip to see the King of France in 1843, marking the first such occasion between British and French monarchs in over 300 years.

Longest-Ruling British Monarch

Victoria suffered two blows in 1861 with the death of her 74 year-old mother in March and her husband in December. Prince Albert's passing, due to typhoid fever, sent the Queen into a constant state of mourning for which she never truly recovered.

Queen Victoria died on January 22nd, 1901, ending her reign of almost 64 years, the longest of any British monarch. Her rule saw peace and prosperity as well as the expansion and development of England through science, culture and politics, forever distinguishing the time of her monarchy as The Victorian Era.

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