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Video:How to Sing a Popular Prayer Song for Ganesha

with Koti

Ganesha is a Hindu Deity that symbolizes bliss and helps devotees through life's obstacles. Learn more about Ganesha and Hindu prayer song dedicated to this deity.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Sing a Popular Prayer Song for Ganesha

Hi, and welcome. I am Koti. I am a volunteer at the Hindu Temple of Greater Cincinnati for the past fifteen years. Today I am with About.com to tell you about the simple prayer for Ganesha.

Prayer Songs for Ganesha are Sung for Many Reasons

Ganesha is the most popular Hindu deity, and is worshiped by most Hindus at the beginning of many different kinds of activities, whether it’s a spiritual activity or a a material activity or education, or even starting a business. Any kind of activity.

Ganesha Symbolizes Bliss

And this song tells of Ganesha as the son of Lord Geisha. He rejoices in all kinds of art and music, and he’s the one. Who takes away all of the obstacles from life. And he is the one who brings us peace, he is very joyful. He is the embodiment of bliss. And he is also holding the sweets, so if you surrender to him at the end of the blessing is a sweet, he adds sweetness to our lives.

And riding the mouse is very symbolic. It means we all have small deficiencies in life, small weaknesses, and those weaknesses we should ride and we should not let that weakness ride us, that is the symbol of him riding the small mouse.

Now enjoy the beautiful song rendered by Usha Raghavan, a famous musician in the greater Cincinnati area. Friends, thanks for joining us today. If you need any further information, please visit About.com

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