How to Pay Tribute to Ganesha (Shhodashopachara) Video
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Video:How to Pay Tribute to Ganesha (Shhodashopachara)

with Ganapati Padmanabhan

Hindu followers show devotion with certain rituals. See how a tribute to the Hindu God, Ganesha, is performed.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Pay Tribute to Ganesha (Shhodashopachara)

My name is Ganapati Padmanabhan, the Public Relations Officer of the Hindu Temple Society of North America also known as Sri Maha Vallabha Ganapati Devasthanam.

The Archana Ritual Tributes Ganesha

The main deity of this temple is Lord Ganesh, with the removal of all obstacles or hindrances or problems with whatever you want to do. The simplest ritual that can be performed by any devotee who enters the temple is called Archana. The Archana is one of the several rituals we perform in the temple.

The devotee enters the temple, he or she requests us to perform an Archana, we give them a bag full of fruits and nuts with which he or she goes to the alter or sanctum sanctorum and because, for Archana, the priest starts chanting the 108 names of the particular deity, in this case it is Lord Ganesha and he does it reverently and with devotion.

Priests Perform the Tribute for the Devotee

This is done by the priest on behalf of the devotee. The devotee can only come on display..for himself or herself. After the chanting of each name of this deity, the priest offers the petals of flower or turmeric powder smeared grain, rice grain which is also holy. After that, he waves a lamp, a sesame oil lamp before the deity as a mark of respect. And then offers, shows this lamp to the devotee who respectfully and devotionally accepts this as a blessing from Lord Ganesha.

And the fruit and nuts which is also offered by the priest to the deity at the end of the ritual is given back to the devotee as a sanctified fruit so the devotee happily takes it home as a blessing. This program is hosted by the Hindu Temple Society of North America or Sri Maha Vallabha Ganapati Devasthanam for

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