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Video:How to Chant Om

with Eileen Muir

Chant om in order to help you clear your mind and meditate. Here are some tips on how to chant om.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Chant Om

Hello, I'm Eileen Muir for, and I'm here today to speak with you about Om.

What Is Om?

Om is the ancient, mystical syllable -- it's the sound of the universe. It's also the sound of Brahman, and Brahman is the word that means absolute truth from the Vedas and Upanishads.

Om is basically the sonic personification of God. So when you chant Om, you're making yourself more like God and you're removing the obstacles to liberation.

Chant Om With Devotion, Dedication and Humility

There are very specific requirements when chanting Om, and one is that you hold the meaning of Om deep inside your heart and that you chant it with devotion and dedication and humility.

When chanting it, you want to hold the sound in the center of your chest and consider and contemplate the meaning so that it will be like a whisper of God into your heart.

Learn the Three Parts of the Syllable to Chant Om

The ancient syllable has three parts - A, U, M - and I'll chant that for you here. (Chant of Om) So that's the three parts of Om. But when you chant it, it kind of merges together like this: (chant of Om)

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