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Video:5 Hindu Prayers for All Occasions

with Koti

Learn Hindu prayers for all occasions so that you can incorporate prayer into your daily life.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Hindu Prayers for All Occasions

Hi, I'm Koti. I'm a volunteer at the Hindu Temple of Greater Cincinnati for the past 15 years. Today I'm with About.com, and I'm going to talk to you about five Hindu prayers for all occasions.

A Hindu Prayer to the Lord

tvameva mātā ca pitā tvamevatvameva bandhuhśca sakhā tvameva tvameva vidyā draviṇam tvameva tvameva sarvaṃ mama deva deva: O Lord of Lords! You alone are my mother and father. You alone are my relative and friend. Only you are my wealth and wisdom. You alone are everything for me!

A Hindu Prayer for Guidance and Peace

asato mā sadgamayatamaso mā jyotirgamayamṛtyormā amṛtam gamaya Oṃ śāntih śāntih śāntih: Lead me from untruth to truth. Lead me from darkness to light. Lead me from death to immortality. Om, peace peace peace (peace be in all three realms: Surroundings, body and mind).

A Hindu Prayer for Protection

Oṃ saha nāvavatu Saha nau bhunaktu Saha vīryaṃ karavāvahaitejasvināvadhītamastumā vidhvishāvahai Oṃ śāntih śāntih śāntih: May Lord protect us. May Lord nourish us. May he energize us. May he make us brilliant. May we be congenial. Om, peace peace peace (peace be in all three realms: Surroundings, body and mind). (Note: ‘We’ and ‘us’ refer to teacher and student).

A Hindu Prayer for Brahman

brahmārpaṇaṃ brahma haviḥbrahmāgnau brahmaṇā hutam brahmaiva tena gantavyaṃ brahma karmasamādhinā: Brahman is the offering, brahman is the oblation, brahman is the fire to which brahman makes the offering; brahman indeed is attained by one who is absorbed in action, which is also brahman. (Note: Brahman refers to the one and only supreme Lord).

A Hindu Prayer for Prosperity and Happiness

sarve bhavantu suKhinah sarve santu nirāmayāh sarve bhadrāṇi pashyantu mā -kaścit dhuhkha-bhāg bhavetOṃ śāntih śāntih śāntih: May all be happy, may all be healthy. May all prosper, may none suffer. Om, peace, peace, peace (peace be in all three realms: surroundings, body and mind).

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