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Video:How to Draw Eyes on a Pumpkin

with Jonathan McDowell

Drawing eyes on a pumpkin can be a really fun activity during the fall and around Halloween. Watch this video to see tips for drawing the eyes just the way you want them.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Draw Eyes on a Pumpkin

Hi I'm Jonathan McDowell, Visual Merchandiser at American Girl Place, here in New York City. And, I'm here for to show you how to draw eyes on a pumpkin.

Best Supplies for Drawing Eyes on a Pumpkin

Whenever you're drawing on a pumpkin it's really important to either draw in pencil or with a dry erase marker. That way, if you make a mistake, you can easily wipe it off. I'm using a dry erase marker.

Ideas for Pumpkin Eyes

These are a pair of really fun eyes. They're kind of like Pac Man eyes. Just a three quarter circle and a piece cut out like it was a slice of pizza. They're really easy to do and a lot of fun to look at.

More Ways to Draw Pumpkin Eyes

And now, how about a pair of angry eyes. Pumpkins are often angry, and angry pumpkins are funny pumpkins. We're going to make a three quarter oval and cut off the top. Then we're going to come across and make little itty bitty eyes. As if they were looking up. I want to give this pumpkin some eyebrows too. I want to accentuate how angry he is.

Coloring in Eyes on a Pumpkin

And lastly, I'm going to color in the eyes balls.
 And last, we're going to create some scary eyes. Halloween is about being spooked. So we're going to make some scary eyes for the boys and girls to get a kick out of. These eyes kind of look like an evil cat. Once I've got the outline of my eyes, I'm going to color in the pupils. And to help with my scary look, I'm going to give these eyes some mean eyebrows.

And that's how we draw eyes on a pumpkin. For more information, visit

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