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Video:How to Carve a Fake Pumpkin

with Krystyna Rittichier

Carving a jack-o-lantern out of a fake pumpkin is easy, mess-free, and long-lasting. Learn how to carve a fake pumpkin and the best tools for the job in this how-to video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Carve a Fake Pumpkin

Hi. I'm Krystyna Rittichier with, and today I'll show you how to carve a fake pumpkin.

Best Tools for Carving a Fake Pumpking

Fake pumpkins are often hollow and made of some form of foam. Fake pumpkins will last year after year, so you can take your time and have fun while working, knowing that your project won't be thrown out in a week or so!

To carve a fake pumpkin you will need a fake pumpkin, and the cutting tool of your choice. You can carve a fake pumpkin in any style that you could with a real pumpkin. You can use the same tools if you like. You can use a serrated kitchen knife, a pumpkin carving set, or even a carpet knife. However, in many cases using these tools alone to cut a fake pumpkin can leave a jagged edge and holes in the foam. For this reason, many people use a dremel instead.

If you use a serrated tool, work slowly allowing the cutting instrument to cut at its own pace. Try to maintain a firm steady pressure aimed in the direction you are cutting. With a real pumpkin your goal is simply to muscle your way through the tissue, but with a foam pumpkin, your goal is to leave a clean edge in the skin.

How to Carve a Fake Pumpkin

To find the motion that gives you the cleanest cut possible, start at the bottom. Cut a small hole in the base of the pumpkin, which is big enough to let a battery operated candle into this opening. As you cut, find what offers you the cleanest cut.Here are the steps for carving your pumpkin using a dremel. Tape your pattern to the pumpkin very well with masking tape.

Cut along your lines using a very sharp carpet knife or x-acto knife. If the blade is dull, replace it. When all your lines are cut out, remove the pattern. Select the smallest cutting bit you have on hand, or purchase a 1/32 inch bit, or number 660, to make cuts to the synthetic pumpkin. Turn on the dremel, and place the drill in the middle of your first section. Begin cutting to the pattern mark. Be careful because the dremel will sometimes pull away from you.

While cutting out your pattern, stay on the inside of the cut you made for your pattern. This will help prevent the rotation of the drill bit from separating the skin of the pumpkin from the foam. When you have an area completely cut out, carefully take it out. Remember to never use a real candle in a fake pumpkin. Use a battery operated candle, light strands, or glow sticks.

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