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Video:Face Painting: Scarecrow

with Sharon Enlow

Face painting a scarecrow design is a great way to enhance your Halloween costume. Watch this video from About.com for easy instructions for face painting a spooky scarecrow design.See Transcript

Transcript:Face Painting: Scarecrow

Hi I'm Sharon Enlow, and I'm with BrooklynFacePainters.com, and I'm here for About.com to show you how to paint Oscar like a scarecrow! 

Make a Base for Scarecrow Face Painting

So for my base of my scarecrow, I'm going to mix yellow and orange and get sort of a pumpkin-caramel color. So basically for my scarecrow I'm just going to get his whole face.  I can also mush these together too on my brush, and I'm just going to shape some vines, come down and make a leaf, growing out of his head there, maybe make another leaf.  I'm going to take a little bit of brown, maybe sort of look like the straw, so he has a little bit of straw coming out of his hat, if he's wearing a hat, most scarecrows wear a little hat. 

Make Patches for Scarecrow Face Painting

Make the scarecrow's eyes: so I'm going to take a darker orange, and I'm going to make a triangle around his eye, because that would be the fabric of the eye. Because it's on orange, I'm going to add a little bit of red, just to the edges so you can see it, I'm going to also pick up some red, do a little triangle.  We're going to take a little blue, make a little square, to indicate another piece of fabric that the mom may have left over from a dress she made, going to take my red pattern.

Finish the Scarecrow Face Painting

Now all we have to really do is go in and do some stitches.  You're just going to go around and make some stitching.  You can make an "X".  You can always add a little bit of dimension.  You can take a little bit of white, you don't have to do every one, you can do some of them, add a little bit of shadow or dimension to that.  And there you go!  You've got a scarecrow, with all his patchwork. 

And that is how you paint a scarecrow on Oscar.  For more information, go to About.com.

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