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Video:Tips for Trimming Eyebrows

with Kacie Marie

Check out some helpful tips and advice for trimming eyebrows.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Trimming Eyebrows

Hi, I'm Kacie Marie and this is and I'm going to show you today how to trim your eyebrows.

Tools Needed for Trimming Eyebrows

The tools you'll need are a little brush and a little pair of scissors. Now before we start, guys—don't be shy. Sometimes you need trimming too.

When to Trim Your Eyebrows

How do you know when it's time to trim your eyebrows? One trick you can do is take your brush, you just merely brush your eyebrows down or up and if the hairs fall far outside the eyebrow line, then it's time for a trim. You can see on our eyebrow the main line of the hair. All the extra ones are the stragglers; those are the ones you need to trim.

Brush Eyebrows Up

Now to start we're going to brush our eyebrows upwards, just like this and then all the long strands and the stragglers will be shown. Now that we can see the long strands, we're ready to trim.

Trim Against the Grain

As we trim we can see the main eyebrow line, so with your scissors, going against the hairline it makes it much easier to see what you're cutting. You want to cut all the extra hairs- be very gentle, less is more.

Brush Eyebrows Up Again to Check Your Work

After you're finished trimming, you want to take your eyebrow brush and brush it up once more. See if you got all those left behind stragglers, and if not, cut it one more time.

Now, every little hair is in its place. For more information, go to Until next time!
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