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Video:Hair Removal: See the Threading Technique

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Threading is an excellent hair removal technique for sensitive skin or unwanted facial hair. Learn what to expect and witness this particular technique for yourself.See Transcript

Transcript:Hair Removal: See the Threading Technique

 Hello, I'm Janay Lima, from Jaira's Waxing Salon in New Jersey. I'm here for to explain the Threading hair removal technique.  

Benefits of Threading

Threading is becoming a popular hair-removal method, especially for facial hair. It is a great option for people with sensitive skin, because string is used and it barely makes contact with the skin's surface. Waxing, however, can be harsh on irritated or sensitive skin.  

A few things that make threading a desirable choice over waxing include:  You can't accidentally be burnt with the threading technique. It won't remove the top layer of skin like waxing. You can avoid the resins and chemicals found in waxes.  

Getting Started

Before undergoing a treatment, wipe the area with a cleanser. To get started, you'll need a spool of strong thread. Cut off two 20-inch pieces, they don't have to be exact. Tie the ends of the 2 pieces of thread together.  

Now go ahead and twist the thread around your fingers. Continue to twist the thread 10 times in a circular motion until the two pieces are wound together in the center. With the thread secured around the fingers of both of your hands, you will place the twisted portion of the thread on the hair.

Remove All Unwanted Hair

Move the twisted portion of the thread toward one hand by opening the fingers of the other hand. Gently pull to remove the hair. You will move the twisted portion of the thread back and forth by alternating opening and closing your hands. Continue this technique until you have removed all the unwanted hair. 

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