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Video:Options for Removing Unwanted Back Hair

with Jonathon E. Stewart

From waxing to shaving to that new-fangled thing they call laser hair removal, there are a lot of options out there when you decide to start taming the hair on your back. Here are the best ways to part with your back hair.See Transcript

Transcript:Options for Removing Unwanted Back Hair

Hey guys - Jonathon Stewart here for Recent studies appear to show that women are split over whether they like their guys hairy like a bear, or smooth like a Chihuahua. But they do seem to agree on one thing, back hair just isn't sexy. But don't fret, take a look at these tips and put your unwanted back hair behind you. Check it out.

Unfortunately for most of us, as you get older, the hair on your head seems to migrate south to your back and shoulders. Fortunately, you have options.

Shaving Back Hair

Tip one - shave it. Simply wet it down, lather it up, and shave. Shaving, while simple and relatively inexpensive, can leave you prone to ingrown hairs, and may leave your hair more noticeable as it grows in due to the blunt (as opposed to naturally tapered) tip of the hair shaft. As a side note, you might also want to enlist the help of a partner with any of these tips, as reaching the center of your back can be a little tricky on your own.

Nairing Back Hair

Tip two - Nair it. Chemical depilatories get rid of hair by dissolving the entire shaft. Generally, these are left on the skin for about 15 minutes, then washed off. I'm gonna go on record and say this is probably a bad idea - first, chemical depilatories are, well, chemicals, and they can burn your skin if not used properly or if you simple have sensitive skin. Second, they smell terrible, and third, especially if you have a thick coat of fur to deal with, they don't necessarily work all that well.

Waxing Back Hair

Tip three - wax it. Professional salons use a hot liquid wax that traps the exposed part of the hair as it cools - when the wax is removed, so is the hair, from the root. Home waxing strips work on the same principle, though generally are not heated. Be sure to follow your product's specific directions, but the general theory is: remove the strips from their packaging, warm them up in your hands, apply, and yank! Yow! Waxing keeps the hair away much longer than shaving or depilatories, but don't be deceived - it hurts. If you need any convincing on this point, rent The 40-Year-Old Virgin and skip straight to Steve Carell's waxing scene.

Back Hair

Tip four - pluck it. There's not a lot to this one - just grab your tweezers and pluck. Be sure to grab firmly on to the base of the hair so that you're removing it from the follicle, not breaking it off half way. Pluck, and repeat. Plucking is great, but it's also time consuming, and not ideal if you've got more hair on your back than on your head. It's also a little uncomfortable, but nothing compared to the wax.

Laser Hair Removal

Tip five - lasers and electrolysis. Both of these procedures ultimately work by inflicting damage on the follicle root and thus preventing further growth of hair. They are best administered by licensed professionals, and often have long-lasting or permanent results, though generally require multiple sessions which can be costly to extremely expensive.

You can also try bleaching your back hair, but I'm also going to go on record here and say that having a dense expanse of bleach-blonde back hair is not only likely to not cut it with the ladies, it's just plain weird.

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