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Video:See a Laser Hair Removal Treatment

with Ioulia Almeida

Laser hair removal is gaining popularity, but not many people know what happens during this process. See an actual laser hair removal treatment so you can decide if it's right for you.See Transcript

Transcript:See a Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Hello, my name is Ioulia Almeida and I'm operations manager from Art of Natural Beauty Center for Today I am going to show you the hair removal process known as the laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is an effective way to remove unwanted hair by using a state of the art laser hair removal technology.

Laser Hair Removal Consultation

First were going to do a consultation. "I am going to explain to you what is the laser hair removal involved, then were going to do the trial spot. The laser light reacts to the pigmentation inside of the follicle and it heats up the follicle and takes them out. If you use any wax or if you pluck the follicle out, there's no follicle to get. But we do need your legs being shaved, no waxing no tweezing 2 weeks before. Do you take any antibiotics? No. You take any Retin A? No. You been in any sun? We do advise you after the trial spot if you continue with the service not to be in the sun two weeks after."

You can treat all of the skin types with this machine, why its great its because there's not many machines that can do this. What's amazing about this machine as well is it gives permanent result painless, very comfortable.

Laser Hair Removal Test

Asuna is going to put a little bit amount of the gel. It protects the skin and also gives a cooling feeling. And then were going to do one area with the laser so we have to know if we have any reaction and we choose the right setting, and if the patients want to continue with the treatment.

The red light will actually show the treatment of the area where the hair will be killed. Were going to ask the patient how she's feeling? How do you feel? Ok. And then after that were going to wait for about ten minutes and see if she has any reaction because some of the people might have a late reaction and if her skin not been too red then we continue with the service.

Marking the Laser Treatment Area

Right now Asuna is going to mark the area where were going to treat because we don't want to have any missing spots. So, we divided the area for the small pieces and we’re going to treat piece by piece.

Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

What we going to do now we going to clean the area we treat and were going to put this special humetrix gel - it's just a protectant after any laser treatment. And we're going to put sun block.

We want to advise you not to go into the sun, you have to use the sun block all the time, don't do any workout for 24 hours cause if you do any workout you sweat. And the sweats can give you irritation in the area we just treat. You have to avoid the hot tubs for 24 hours. Ok.

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