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Video:How to Use Hard Wax

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Hard Wax is an excellent option for removing hair in sensitive areas. Learn the ins and outs of this particular technique and even try it in your own home.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use Hard Wax

Hello, I'm Janay Lima, from Jaira's Waxing Salon in New Jersey. I'm here for to show you how to use hard wax.  

What is Hard Wax?

Waxing is a very popular form of hair removal that detaches the hair follicle directly from the root. Hard wax is a great option for small, sensitive areas.  It is less painful than soft wax, because it hardens around the hair and is less likely to take off the top layer of skin.

Unlike soft wax, hard wax is not used with cotton or paper strips. The wax is warmed so it becomes soft and easy to spread.

Getting Started

Before undergoing a treatment, wipe the area with a cleanser. The wax is spread on the desired area, in the direction the hair is growing, using a stick. If you are giving yourself a treatment at home, follow the directions very carefully.

Apply the Wax

When applying hard wax, the edges need to be thicker so it doesn't stick.  The wax then cools and hardens around the hair. Lift the edges before you pull the wax off. The wax is hard enough on its own to use without paper or cloth strips. It is pulled off in the opposite direction that the hair is growing.

Repeat this until all of the unwanted hair has been removed. You can apply hard wax to the same area more than once. Be sure not to go over the same area multiple times with wax because it can be too hard on the skin. Use tweezers to remove any hair missed by the wax. You can use a little bit of oil to remove any wax left over.  

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