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Video:How to Pluck and Shape Eyebrows

with Rebecca Garcia

Ever go a little crazy with the tweezers and end up with some scary eyebrows? Learn how to shape eyebrows and the best way to pluck them.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Pluck and Shape Eyebrows

Hi, my name is Rebecca Garcia. I'm a New York and Paris based makeup artist here for And today I'm going to show you how to tweeze eyebrows and create the perfect arch.

Shape Eyebrows

So to create the perfect shape we're going to start with an eyebrow brush, that's slanted and sharp on the edge. And a neutral toned eyebrow powder and your tweezers. You'll need an eyebrow brush.

So, we're going to start with our eyebrow brush and we're going to brush the eyebrows up and to a diagonal direction. Having a perfect frame around your face makes a whole difference. Eyebrows, you wouldn't think that they're as important as they are. But they are the frame around your eyes. To get the natural shape of the eyebrow, then we're going to take out eyebrow powder and our contour brush and we're going to create a shape using the powder.

This creates the perfect shape for the eyebrow. And it'll show us where we want to tweeze around. So anything that is not within this perfect shape is what we'll need to tweeze.

Pluck the Eyebrows

So everything under that shape will be tweezed this way. We want to hold the skin taught as we tweeze in the direction that the hair is growing.

So we're filling in the eyebrow for that perfect shape that we want. And this serves as our guideline. So now we know where to tweeze. Hold the skin taught. And we're going to pull away from the direction the hair grows. Removing all the hair that isn't included in our perfect shape.

Now we're going to take our eyebrow brush, blend the powder, and brush the brows. And now we have a perfect eyebrow shape.

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