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Video:Tips for a Perfect Vault Routine

with Dani Zissis

The vault routine can be a big winner at gymnastics meets if you can perfect certain elements for performing on the vault. Watch this sports video from to learn some tips for perfecting a vault routine.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for a Perfect Vault Routine

Hi, I'm Dani Zissis for, and this video is all about tips on how to do a perfect vault routine.

Vault Gymnastics Routine Includes Common Elements

To work towards getting a perfect vault routine, the most efficient way to do that is by working over a vaulting table or a horse. No matter what moves you choose for your vault routine, a perfect routine includes:

  • A strong and fast run
  • Hitting the sweet spot on the springboard of the vault
  • Powerful blocking off the vault
  • Tight form throughout your moves
  • Sticking the landing

Run Fast and Hit the Vault's Sweet Spot

The run. Run fast. A powerful run is on of the most important aspects, will set your routine up for success, and get your routine off to a great start.

Hitting the springboard. Position will vary depending on the type of vault you're doing. If you're trying to hit right over the springs, practice getting your last step, or launch, as close to the springboard as possible, and aim to hit the board over the springs. Know the sweet spot and launching point for your routine and practice hitting it overtime.Make contact with the vault or table. There is also a targeted area on the vault for each move, sometimes centered, sometimes off to the side.

Pushing Off the Vault is Called Blocking

"Blocking" is pushing off the vault. Push with strong arms and shoulders. Here's an exercise you can do to practice blocking. Start as if you're going into a handstand, but when your hands hit the mat, push off as you would if you were pushing off the vault. This exercise is simulating what you should be doing on the vault to block your body off the table and get enough height in the air to finish the skill.

Stick the Vault Landing

Finally, "sticking your landing" means landing on both feet simultaneously and standing up in a controlled manner without jumping, double stepping, or stepping backwards or forwards to catch your balance. This exercise will help you learn how to stick your landings.

By doing this exercise you hop off the vault and into a landing position. Your feet should be shoulder width apart, and you should land in a nice level position with your knees slightly bent. The bend in your knees helps to absorb the shock of landing. When your feet hit the mat, push them firmly into the ground, keeping them level, find your balance, then stand up.

The key to getting a perfect landing on a vault is to focus on what you are doing, and make sure your feet are shoulder width apart, and your body is up straight and tight.

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