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Video:Tips for Stretching Before Doing a Front Split

with Leon Williams Jr.

Front splits can be a lot easier for gymnasts to do if they're doing the proper stretches beforehand. This gymnastics video from About.com will provide some tips for stretches to do before doing a front split.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Stretching Before Doing a Front Split

Hi, my name is Leon Williams Jr. and we're here at Five Star Artistic Sports and Entertainment Academy, located in East Rockaway, NY, and we're here for About.com. Megan and I are here to demonstrate 5 tips on stretching before doing a front split.

First Stretches for a Front Split

The first stretch Megan and I would like to demonstrate is the standing pike stretch. Now, for the pike stretch, what you want to do is have the gymnast stretch their arms straight up toward the ceiling and then stretch over into a pike position, palms flat on the floor, with the legs straight for a couple of seconds. The next stretch Megan and I would like to demonstrate is an assisted front leg stretch. You want the gymnast to kneel down onto two knees, grab the back of your legs and then you're going to take the front leg and stretch it up toward the shoulder.

Stretches Working Towards a Front Split

The third stretch that Megan is going to demonstrate is going to be a lying down on your stomach stretch where her arms are out to her side and you are going to have the gymnast bend her knee. And you are going to stretch the hip-flexor by pressing on the lower back and lifting the knee upward and performing the stretch. The fourth stretch Megan is going to demonstrate is actually done in a split. We're going to lift the front leg while performing the split. What you want to do on this stretch is you want to have the gymnast stretch in their full split, and then you want to slightly lift the front leg up to add a little bit more intensity and to over-stretch the split.

Final Stretch Before Doing a Front Split

The fifth and final stretch Megan will demonstrate is actually to lift the back leg. While doing the split, what you want to do is you want to hold the chest and shoulders upward, and you want to lift the back leg adding a little bit more of overstretch to the hip flexor. Another stretch for improving the front split is actually to have the gymnast lunge forward and then you want to stretch the back leg towards the lower back and hold the stretch for a couple of seconds.

And those are some tips for stretching before a front split. For more information, please visit About.com.

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