Quick Tip: How to Pirouette Out of a Handstand Video
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Video:Quick Tip: How to Pirouette Out of a Handstand

with Dani Zissis

A Handstand Pirouette is a classic and graceful way to come down from a handstand. In this gymnastics video from About.com, learn the steps to perfecting this skill.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: How to Pirouette Out of a Handstand

Hi, my name is Dani Zissis for About.com, and I'm here with a quick tip on how to pirouette out of a handstand.

How to Do a Handstand Pirouette

When doing a handstand pirouette, you're first going to start like you're doing a normal handstand with your foot pointed out in front, and your arms above your head shoulder width apart. Then you're going to kick up into your regular handstand pushing up nice and tall. Then, you will move the preferred hand to the side, making a T shape with your hands and moving your body across. Now you'll step down and finish the skill.

You'll see handstand pirouettes as part of many floor, bar, and beam routines as gymnasts change direction in the middle or dismount.

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