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Video:Perfect Form for a Handstand

with Dani Zissis

Handstands are fundamental skills for beginner gymnasts. In this sports video from, learn how to achieve perfect form while getting into, balancing in, and dismounting from a handstand.See Transcript

Transcript:Perfect Form for a Handstand

Hi, my name is Dani Zissis for, and this video is all about perfect form for a handstand.

What is Correct Form for a Handstand? 

Perfect form for a handstand is important as you begin to incorporated them into more advanced routines. When doing a handstand you want to make sure, your arms are supposed to be shoulder width apart, that you're pushing up strong through your shoulders, you're pulling your stomach in back to your ribcage, you're squeezing your bottom and staying tight, your legs and your feet are tight and together, and your toes are pointed.  

Always practice handstands in a safe area free of clutter or sharp objects.

How to Get Into a Handstand

Lift your hands above your head, shoulder width apart, keeping them straight, elbows locked, and touching your ears. Your hands should start in "ballet position" with palms facing inward also known as crown.

Take a large step forward into a lunge position. Lean forward, pivoting from your hips. Make sure you don't let your shoulders sag or your elbows bend, and kick the leg back up behind you. You will then be in a "T" or lever position.  Place your hands on the mat, shoulder width apart, with your fingers spread out. Next, kick up, with control, into a handstand and find your balance. 

How to Hold Your Balance in a Handstand

Press your fingers and palms into the ground to maintain your balance. Your ears are to stay glued to your arms. Don't tuck your chin in and don't stretch it to the floor. You can look at the floor by looking through your eyebrows, moving your eyes, not your head.

How to Dismount from a Handstand

Bending at the waist lower one leg at a time, in a split position keeping your hips square and your arms up.  Firmly plant your feet and hold your lunge. Be sure to keep your arms and core tight throughout this move rather than letting them go loose before you've completed it.  

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