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Video:How to Do a Front Walkover

with Dani Zissis

The front walkover is a gymnastic skill that requires practice, flexibility and strength. Watch this how-to video from to learn how to do a front walkover with perfect form.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do a Front Walkover

Hi, my name is Dani Zissis for, and this video is all about how to do a front walkover.

Warm Up Before Attempting a Front Walkover

Before attempting any gymnastics skill you always need to make sure that you completely stretch out your body, so that your muscles do not get injured while performing a skill.

You're going to start out by getting on the ground in a kneeling position, with your good leg out in front, or the leg you prefer, and sitting on your bottom leg. You're going to push your hips out over so that you're stretching your hip flexor muscle.

Another way to stretch is by pushing back in this exact same position, making your front leg straight, and putting your nose down to your knee so that you're stretching this muscle back here. Then, you're going to push your leg out straight and slide all the way out into a split. Your arms should be back by your knee and your chest should be up and facing forward, making sure that your hips are square so that you're efficiently stretching the muscles that need to be stretched in this position. Make sure you perform all these stretches on both sides.

Continue to Stretch to Increase Flexibility for the Front Walkover

So for this stretch you're going to be stretching your middle splits. If you would like to do this on a line to guide yourself so that your body stays in a straight line that would work perfectly.

So you're going to have your feet and your legs spread out into a straddle position as far as they go, you're going to take your body, put your chest on the ground, and you're going to roll up on top of your split. Make sure your arms are flat out to the side, and make sure that you're not stretching or pushing yourself too hard.

This is the kind of stretch that you have to ease your body into. If you stretch like this regularly you will get lower and lower each time you attempt it. You also want to make sure that you're stretching your upper body too, including your shoulders. A good way to stretch your shoulders is by taking your arm and pulling it across your body. Another good stretch to do is the bridge. It stretches your back and shoulder muscles. Each time you stretch you should ease your way into it and you should get better and more flexible each time you attempt it.

Maintain Proper Form in the Front Walkover

When doing a front walkover, you want to make sure your arms are shoulder width apart, and you have full extension throughout your whole body. And when you're coming up from the front walkover, you don't duck your chin down or duck your head down or else you'll fall down.

So when doing a front walkover, you want to start with your arms shoulder width apart over your head, and you're going to put out the foot in front that you prefer and point it nice and tall.

Use Momentum to Complete the Front Walkover

Now you're going to start like you're going into a cartwheel, except you're going to keep your hands facing forward, and you're going to put your hands facing parallel on the ground. You're going to kick your back leg over the top, so that you have enough momentum to keep yourself going. She's doing it in slow motion, but you should this at a much faster pace. Then, when you come over the top you're going to have your chin facing up towards the sky and don't duck your head down or else you wont be able to make the skill.

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