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Video:How to Tune in Open C on a Guitar

with Django Ward

Learn how to tune in open C so that your guitar doesn't play off-sounds during a performance. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to tune in open C.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Tune in Open C on a Guitar

Hello everybody this is Django Ward for Today, I'm going to show you how to tune your guitar into an open C tuning.

A standard open C chord/open C tuning: we are going to start off by de-tuning our low E string, the sixth string from an E down two whole steps to a C.

De-Tune Strings to Tune in Open C on a Guitar

We are going to have to finish with a note which is an octave lower than a C, third fret on the fifth string; the A string. Now we have a C that's an octave lower. Next, we are going to have to de-tune our fifth string A. Again, we will have to go down, this time one whole step. We will have to go from A down to G. Now we have a C, and a G.

Tune Down the D String to Tune in Open C on a Guitar

Next, we come to our fourth string, the D string. We are going to have to tune it down again one whole step from a D to a C. Giving us another C. You can do this by ear, and you can check it with a tuner.

When you de-tune strings, you are going to have to check them periodically. If your guitar is always in a standard tuning and you de-tune your strings, they are going to want to come back to where they were. You are going to have to check them.

Tune the B String Up to Tune in Open C on a Guitar

Now, we have our third string G, which stays the same. We've come to our second string B. Now we are going to have to tune this string up just a half step, from B to a C. And our first string E stays the same. So, now we have C, G, C again, G again, another C, and E, which gives us C major chord when we play all of our open strings. That's it.

Don't forget to check your tuning several times, it's already starting to come out of tune a little bit. Even the strings that you didn't de-tune will change a little bit as the tension will change on the neck. Thanks a lot! For more information be sure to check us out at

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