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Video:How to Play the Chromatic Scales

with Larry Mooney

The chromatic music scale is easy to play on guitar. Learn two different ways to play the chromatic scale on your guitar with these simple instructions.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Play the Chromatic Scales

HI, this is Larry Mooney for, and today we are going to explore the chromatic scale.

The Chromatic Scale is a Series of Half Steps

As you may know, the chromatic scale is the only scale that uses 12 tones of our western music system. It lends it self well on the guitar because with a guitar each fret is a half step. So, to play the chromatic scale on the guitar we could simply use one string and go from bottom to top, but the guitar has 6 strings for a reason. We can change strings without changing position.

Play the Chromatic Scale on Six Strings

To play the chromatic scale on a guitar, you can simply start here, E, F, F sharp, G, G sharp, and the next fret as you learn in tuning, sounds the next string which is A. So, we move to the 5th string open. A, A sharp, B, C, C sharp. The next fret sounds the open string D, so we move to D, D sharp, E, F, F sharp.

Now we move to G, the next open string, G sharp, A, A sharp, and here's where it's slightly different because the second string is tuned to half step lower, we can move right to the second string from here to B, C, C sharp, E, D sharp, and then on to the first string open which is E.

And that completes the chromatic scale without moving our hand up the neck as we did before. So, to play a chromatic scale in two octaves in the first position on the guitar would look and sound like this. Hope that shows you a little bit about the chromatic scale on the guitar, for more information visit us at

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