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Video:How to Change Guitar Strings

with Joe Blumenthal

Change the strings on your guitar to keep the sound vibrant. Check out this video tutorial on how to easily change your guitar strings.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Change Guitar Strings

Hi, I'm Joe Blumenthal for Today, we're going to talk about how to change guitar strings.

Stringwinders Help Change Guitar Strings

The first thing you need when you change guitar strings is a couple of tools. You don't have to have this but it makes it so much quicker and easier, it's wonderful to have. It's called a stringwinder. And it's also good to have a wire cutter. So we're going to take the stringwinder and loosen the string all the way so it's easy to pull it out. Now you take the stringwinder and you put it under the bridge pin. And just pull it up like that, the bridge pin will come right out, and the string comes right out.

Give the New Guitar String Slack Before Winding

We're going to tune the tuning machine so the hole lines up with the string coming in. Put the string through the hole. This is the tricky part. You want to leave a little bit of slack, and you take the string and you turn it towards the other side of the neck, and you bring it back underneath itself and pull it tight, like so; and then you take it back over itself until it's tight like that. And then you take the stringwinder and you just wind it up.

You'll notice the string is winding on the side of the pegged, on the side of the machine that's towards the other side of the peghead of the guitar. You wind it up until it's in tune. It's important to keep your eyes away from the string while this is happening, because if the string were to break while you're tuning it up, it could injure you. And then turn it down so it won't stick you if you touch it.

Wind the Strings and Tune the Guitar

So you'll notice on the treble side of the neck - these are the high strings - the string winds toward the other side of the neck. On the base side of the neck, the string also winds towards the other side of the neck. So the last thing, once the strings are all on, is you want to make sure the guitar is in tune. So you can get a digital tuner these days that are very inexpensive, and you can play a note, and it tells you what note you're playing and whether it's sharp or flat. So now you've changed your strings on the treble side and the base side of the guitar, and you've tuned it up - you're all set to play.

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