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Video:How to Change Acoustic Guitar Strings

with Rick Tedesco

You must change the strings on an acoustic guitar periodically as oil from your fingers corrodes the strings and makes them sound dull. Check out this step by step guide on how to change acoustic guitar strings to be sure you do it correctly.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Change Acoustic Guitar Strings

Hi! I’m Rick Tedesco for and today we’re going to talk about how you change your acoustic guitar strings. We’re here at Guitar Hangar in Brookfield, Connecticut.

Loosen the Guitar Strings Before Cutting

Acoustic guitar strings do need to be changed periodically in order to keep the sound fresh. If your guitar is sounding a little dull, it's probably time to change your strings. First thing we want to do is loosen them a little bit. Were just taking the tension off the neck so that when I cut the strings it wont be a sudden jar. Then you want to take the strings off the tuning heads.

Secure Strings to the Guitar Bridge

You want to replace the strings with the same gauge you took off the guitar so that the neck and everything remain set up. Put the string down in the hole, not too far, then you put the bridge pin in. The bridge pin has a little bit of a relief and you want to make sure that is where the string sits right in that little cut out. Slide it down in push it down and you pull the strings up till they stop. Repeat this for all six strings.

Leave Slack while Winding the Guitar Strings

Ok we’ve got all six strings in the bridge, bridge pins are in place and now we are going to go to the other end of the guitar and start setting them up into the tuning machine. You want to put the string through, leave about a hands worth of slack like I have here Them bend the string underneath the string and wrap it around, what that does is it pinches the string here which will keep the guitar from going out of tune. You wont get any string slippage, if you do that. Then you just want to hold the string and use your string winder and make nice even neat coils. You don’t want it all bunched up on top of each other, you want a nice coil that goes towards the bottom of the tuning machine.

Cut the Ends and Stretch the Acoustic Strings

Repeat that 5 more times. Next thing you want to do is clip off the excessive string at the end so you don’t poke yourself in the eye with it. But be careful these ends are sharp it would be like a little needle. It will stick you right in the finger. Now to stretch the string, you don’t want to pull it so hard that you break the string, but you want to stretch the string. So, you just grab it, hold down at this end of the guitar and just pull up. Now that we have fresh strings and they’re all stretched out, we’re ready to play.

If you follow these guidelines, you will change your guitar strings at the right time and keep your guitar sounding like it should. To learn more about this and other music topics, please visit Thanks for watching.
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