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Video:Tips to Reduce Heating Use in the Home

with Patrick Gilmore

Changing a few habits in your home can reduce the amount of heat and energy used. This will lower your bill and minimize your carbon footprint. Learn some tips for reducing heating use in this video.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips to Reduce Heating Use in the Home


Hi, this is Patrick Gilmore with Today I’m going to give you some easy tips to help reduce heating use in your home. 

Hot Water Use

1. Try to minimize hot water use. Be sure to reduce hot water use. Cutting back here is an extremely effective way to reduce heating cost in your home. Try to take showers rather than baths since typically, showering requires less water than baths. Repair leaky faucets as well, as this can save not only water-heating cost, but also general water use. 

2. Be sure to set thermostat back at night or when house is empty turning the thermostat down 10 degrees at nighttime or when the house is unoccupied can save around 15 percent on heating cost. Although this will cause furnaces to run more, the energy you save will offset the extra run time. 

3. Try to avoid using bath and kitchen vents when you don’t need to. Operate your bath and kitchen vents minimally. Your kitchen and bath vents dispense moisture and heated air outside. You should avoid using them as much as possible. For instance, if your house is relatively dry, you may not need to operate these vents. If condensation occurs on your windows, however, you can use the vents to remove bathing and cooking moisture. 

Thermostat Settings and Natural Home Heating

4. Natural Heat

Allow sunshine to come in through windows during the day. Be sure to open your drapes and curtains in your home during cooler days and close them at night. When you do this, you allow solar heating to warm up your home. The heating effect is most substantial during the winter when you open the curtain on the south side of your home. 

5. Thermostat Setting

Keep thermostat setting at around 68 degrees Keep your thermostat setting at around 68 degrees as reducing your thermostat can make a considerable impact on heating cost. Also, be sure to dress warmly as this can also increase comfort in a colder setting. 

Maintain Your Furnace

6. Be Sure to Change Your Furnace Filter and Keep It Cleaned and Tuned 

It’s important to maintain your furnaces, as dirty and clogged furnace filters can drastically lower energy efficiency by preventing airflow through the furnace. This also includes cleaning your furnace and making sure it’s well-tuned. This will ensure a safe and efficient furnace. 

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