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Video:Natural Bug Bite Remedies

with Danielle Lessovitz

Can't stop from scratching that incessant bug bite itch? Your kitchen cabinets may hold the answers. Learn how to prevent and soothe bug bites without having to take a trip to your local pharmacy.See Transcript

Transcript:Natural Bug Bite Remedies

Hi! I'm Danielle Lessovitz for here to tell you how to, hold on, how to take the itch out of bug bites. Everyone keeps telling me not to scratch them but I can not seem to stop.

Why do Bug Bites Itch?

When a bug, like a mosquito or a chigger, bites it injects a bit of its saliva into your skin. It is this saliva, along with your body's reaction to it, which causes that unpleasant itch. But do not scratch, that only makes things worse.

Avoiding Bug Bites

The best way to take the itch out of a bug bite is to simply not get any. That was easy. Rule number one. Avoid mosquitoes at all costs. Rule number two, if you must venture into particularly dangerous areas, make sure to cover every inch of your body with thick material.

If those two do not work for you, you can always use citrus oil. Citrus oil is a natural bug repellant. I use lemon eucalyptus because it is registered with the EPA and is just as effective as low percentage DEET.

Soap and Bug Bites

Now let's figure out what to do with your bite and mine. There are many strategies so lets get started. One, you can take a bar of soap and gently rub it over the bug bite, there is absolutely no scientific justification for why this works, but it does seem to sooth the itch.

Baking Soda on Bug Bites

Two: take an ice cube and place it on the skin, this will basically numb the itch. Next you can apply a paste made of baking soda and water to the skin.

Reduce Itching With Bananas

But my favorite is the banana peel, take a fairly fresh peel and apply it to the skin, skin side up. Bananas contain polysaccharides which work to soothe the skin. But I like it because you can eat the banana afterwards.

Use Oils to Curb Bite Itching

But perhaps the most effective is tea tree oil and lavender. The tea tree oil disinfects the area while the lavender is a natural anti-inflammatory. Go ahead and apply the oil to the skin and let it do its magic. You also smell good too.

And there you have it, how to take the itch out of a bug bite without using chemicals. Thank you for watching, to learn more, please visit us on the Web
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