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Video:How to Pit Olives

with Ben Kurtzman

Olives come in many delicious varieties at the grocery store, but most still have the pit intact. Learn how to remove the pit from olives in three different ways.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Pit Olives

Hi, I am Ben Kurtzman for About.com Food and I am going to show you how to pit an olive.

You can find many different kinds of flavorful and exotic olives at your grocery store. The problem is, most still come with their pits intact. If you are going to use these olives in your cooking, you need to get the pit out of there.

Pitting Different Olives

How easy or difficult this task is depends on how ripe the olive is. You should have less difficulty with a black olive, as opposed to a green olive, because they are more ripe.

Method 1: Easy Olive Pitting
The first thing you can do is to try to squeeze the olive between your thumb and forefinger, and maybe the pit will pop out.

Method 2: Pitting Difficult Olives
If the pit does not come out easily when you squeeze the olive, try this next method. Place you olives on a cutting board, and then apply pressure with the blade of a large knife. This should separate the flesh of the olive from the pit.

Method 3: Pitting Very Stubborn Olives
Now if you are working with a particularly stubborn olive, take a paring knife and make an incision lengthwise around the olive. Then you can use your fingers or some other instrument to pry out the pit.

One of these three methods should work for you as a successful way to pit olives. Thanks for watching, and to learn more visit us on the Web at food.about.com.
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