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Video:How to Make Spanakopita

with Manolis

Spanakopita is a flaky spinach pie that's extremely common in the Greek diet. Get a great recipe for this delicious Mediterranean snack in this cooking video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Spanakopita

Hi, I am Manolis from Manolis Taverna, Canterbury, UK and I am here for to tell you how to make Spanakopita.

Ingredients for Spanakopita

We are going to need:

  • Phyllo pastry
  • Spinach
  • Feta cheese
  • tomato
  • red onion
  • olive oil

I buy my Phyllo frozen, so you have to leave it out for about a day and then it is ready to unroll.

Preparing Phyllo for Spanakopita

So you open it fully and then I usually cut it in five pieces. But you can adjust it to your needs. For example, if you do Canapes, you have to do smaller pieces. We need two sets of Phyllo pastry at a time not just one, just in case it breaks when it cooks. Separate them nicely. You can brush a bit of olive on your pastry first, if you like, just a little bit, nice gold colour.

How to Make Spanakopita

Spinach, Feta cheese, tomato, very little, not too much. It keeps the Spanakopita moist. And red onion, for a bit of bite. And now we are ready to roll. Once, twice, third time and over. And there you have a nice triangle. And then you brush it all over with olive oil, and that will give it a nice gold colour when it is cooked. You can like put one load of Phyllo pastry on the bottom here and then put all this, mix them all together, just put them in the middle, and then cover again with Phyllo on top, then brush it with olive oil and when it is cooked just cut it according to your portions.

And now we can put them in the oven to cook, set the oven to 220 Fahrenheit for about 15 to 20 minutes.

This was Manolis from Manolis Taverna, Canterbury, UK, here for, and this is my Spanacopita.

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