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Video:How to Make Saganaki

with Manolis Theodorakis

Saganaki is a classic Greek dish that can be made using a number of different foods. This video will show you how to make saganaki with cheese and with prawns.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Saganaki

Hi, I am Manolis from Manolis Taverna, Canterbury, UK, and I am here for to tell you how to make saganaki.

You can do saganaki with lots of different things, like cheese saganaki, prawn saganaki, anything you like.

Ingredients for Two Types of Saganaki

When you do cheese saganaki, you are going to need any kind of cheese you like, but I use haloumi or kefalotiri. Slice your cheese thin, but not too thin. You are going to need flour, one beaten egg, a small frying pan with hot olive oil.

For prawn saganaki, you are going to need prawns, a little garlic, a little tomato sauce and feta cheese. And you need a small frying pan with a little salted butter, a little parsley and maybe a bigger prawn for decoration.

Making and Serving Saganaki

Dip your cheese into a beaten egg, and then into the flour, and then straight from there into your hot oil. We have to turn it the other side. It only takes one minute to cook. It is very simple and quick dish as a starter. We just serve it with a little lemon and some garnish. We can also serve it with a little bread.

Now we do prawn saganaki. We are chopping a little garlic, then we are going to drop our prawns in, toast a little, and now we are ready to add our tomato sauce. It is a very easy and quick dish to make for a starter. And now we are ready to add our feta cheese. Give it a little stir, it only takes about a minute, and now our dish is ready. And we are going to decorate it with a little parsley. Fresh parsley always freshens food. And for decoration we are going to put a nice big prawn on top of it. Bon appetit!

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