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Video:How to Make Greek Quince Jam

with George Bolarakis

Greek quince jam has very few ingredients, making it a simple homemade recipe. Learn how to make Greek quince jam in this video instead of store-bought jellies.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Greek Quince Jam

Hello, I am George Bolarakis. I work for Manolis Taverna in Canterbury, UK and I am going to cook for you quince marmalade for

Ingredients for Greek Quince Jam

  • 900 grams of peeled quince preserved in a liter of water and half lemon
  • Half a teaspoon of vanilla powder,
  • 900 grams of sugar and a cup of water.
  • The juice of half a lemon.

Melt the Quince with Sugar and Water

The same quantity of peeled quince as the quantity of sugar. We cut the quince in smaller pieces. If we wanted to do glyko kythoni, we would have left it as it is, but because it is marmalade we cut it in smaller pieces. We pour the water in the pan and then we put the quince in. And we leave it on high gas for ten minutes. The next step is, we take the juice of half a lemon. As we can see, the quince is already soft. So, we pour in the sugar, the same quantity as the quince. We put in the vanilla powder. We stir it a bit, as you can see, it starts dissolving. This is what we want for marmalade.

And then we pour in the juice of the half lemon in order not to let the sugar crystallize. If you do not have vanilla powder, use vanilla extract, if you do not have vanilla extract, do not use it at all. We put it on high gas, let us say for five minutes, till all the sugar melts and the quince melts also.

Store the Quince Jam in a Jar

Now it is ready. We switch off the gas. We have a jar. And this is the way to preserve it for years. You pour it in. Watch your hands. It is really, really hot! We close the jar, we place it upside down. We fold it: one corner, second corner, third and fourth, and you leave it till it gets cool. After that, it can preserve up to a year, maybe more.

This was George Bolarakis cooking quince marmalade for Bon appetite!

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