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Video:How to Make Avgolemono

with Manoli

Making the Greek soup avgolemono is a careful procedure. Get a demonstration for how to make this soup without it curdling in this how-to video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Avgolemono

Hi! I am Manolis from Manolis Taverna, Canterbury. UK and I am here for to tell you how to prepare avgolemono.

Preparing the Egg Mixture for Avgolemono

We are going to need a bowl with two forks, two eggs, lemon juice from two lemons and very little cold water.

We need to separate the egg white, because we are going to beat the egg white first. So we separate the yolk from the white. Now we drop pour a little bit of cold water in it, very little, and then we pick up the forks sort of that way, and we start beating it. We have to beat it well, until the white is well beaten. It is a bit like when you beat the white to do meringue, so it is nice and fluffy.

So when you finish beating your egg whites to that sort of level, then you are ready to add your egg yolks as well. Then you beat again, very well. Now we are ready to add our lemon juice. We add our lemon juice, and then we beat again.

Adding Broth to the Egg Mixture for Avgolemono

You need a ladle. You have got to make sure wherever you put the egg and lemon sauce you are going to make it hot very slowly, very, very slowly. Otherwise your egg will curdle. We have got a bit of chicken stock here and we are going to show you how you are going to use your avgolemono.

So you start with very, very small amounts, very, very small amounts. You drop it in and stir it. It is very important that the egg and lemon sauce gets warm slowly, very slowly. And you repeat the process few times, slowly, very slowly, until your egg and lemon sauce is sort of warm.

And then you, when you feel your plate is getting warm then your egg and lemon is ready to go into the stock. Altogether, just like that. Then you stir it quickly, and voila, you have your egg and lemon sauce.

Bon appetite! This was Manolis from Manolis Taverna, Canterbury, UK and I was telling you how to prepare avgolemono for

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