Adobe Photoshop Pet Eye Fix - How to Fix Pet Eye in Adobe Photoshop Video
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Video:Adobe Photoshop Pet Eye Fix

with Don Schechter

You probably have some cute digital pictures of your pets that are perfect but for a common problem known as red eye, or in this case pet eye. Use Adobe Photoshop to fix pet eye and make your photos look professional.See Transcript

Transcript:Adobe Photoshop Pet Eye Fix

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for Computing.

Today you'll learn how to fix pet eye, that red, yellow, or green color in pets' eyes from the flash of a camera. First open Adobe Photoshop.

Choose a Picture

Next open the picture that you wish to adjust. I'll open a picture of a dog.

Choose Pet Eye Target and Tools in Photoshop

Find the zoom tool to zoom in to the eyes of your pet. In the Toolbox, find the Color Replacement tool. It may be hidden by the Healing Brush tool or the Patch tool.

Now in the Options bar at the top of the work area click on the current brush and a drop down menu will appear. Move the Diameter slider to make the brush tip smaller than the area you are fixing.

Photoshop Pet Eye Fix Colors

Now click the swatches tab on the right side of your screen.

If the palette isn't open, go to Windows, then Swatches. Click the black color swatch to use as your replacement color.

Replacing red eyes with black, the color of the pupil, works well for most photos. However, close-ups of light-colored eyes may require additional touching up to reduce the size of the pupil.

Fix Pet Eye in Photoshop

Now you are ready to click the red eye of your pet. Click with your mouse over the eye and drag the brush over the red area until you have fixed the eye.

There are many ways to fix the pet eye problem. This way is just one easy way to do it.

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