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Video:Fix Picture Imperfections with Adobe Photoshop Clone Tool

with Isaac Brody

Would your pictures be perfect if you could just remove one or two blemishes? Well, with the Clone Tool in Adobe Photoshop, you can be your own professional air-brusher in just a few steps.See Transcript

Transcript:Fix Picture Imperfections with Adobe Photoshop Clone Tool

Hi, I'm Isaac Brody for Computing. Today I'll teach you how to correct facial blemishes using the clone tool in Photoshop.

First, open up photoshop. Click on file, select open, and select your picture to open. There are several ways to fix blemishes, but we're going to focus on the clone tool.

Clone Tool Step One- Duplicate

First make a duplicate of your photo by dragging it onto the create a new layer icon. Now make sure the copy layer is selected. Double click on the copy layer and name it cloning. We made a duplicate to protect the original in case we want to make changes later on and also to compare our corrections.

Choosing your Clone Area

Now select the clone tool on the toolset on the left side. The clone stamp tool works by cloning a part of the picture you select. To select a section to clone hold down the alt key on PC, the option key if you're on a mac. See the target crosshairs? I want to remove blemishes over his left eyebrows. I'll hold down the alt key and I'll click on a clear section of skin. And now I'll click on a blemish. I just cloned a blemish away.

Clone Tool Tips

I find it useful to keep one finger on the alt key and to use my right hand to clone with the mouse. I'll try a few more. It's easy to make a mistake and you may have to hit undo by going to edit, and hitting step backward. It takes practice to clone properly.

One good method is to clone the area around a blemish since it will be similar in color. Click off the eye icon on the cloned layer in the layer pallete. Compare the differences. See the difference a little cloning can do to improving people's complexions.

Clone Tool to Remove Objects

In addition to removing blemishes cloning is a good tool to remove unwanted background objects from a picture. I'll click file, open, and show you a picture where I clone out my dog Ruthie.

First I'll duplicate the original layer by dragging it to the create a new layer icon. To clone out Ruthie I need to sample the road next to her. I'll select my clone stamp tool on the left hand toolset. I'll hold down alt and select a clear patch of road to clone. And now I'll paint over her. I can quickly remove her from a picture. I already cloned her out in a finished layer.

I'll click the eye icon on my finished layer to make her disappear.

Cloning is a great way to remove blemishes and unwanted objects to bring out the best in your pictures.

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