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Video:How to Use the Photoshop Liquify Filter

with Matthew Hendershot

A helpful tip for editing a photo is to use the Photoshop liquify filter, since it often times helps to make someone appear skinnier. See these tips for how to use the Photoshop liquify filter on digital photos.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use the Photoshop Liquify Filter

Why Use the Photoshop Liquify Filter?

A very common request when it comes to photo retouching is to slim down a model, or enhance their shape and curves, or just in general to shed a few pounds off of a photo's subject. The most basic and easy way to accomplish this is to utilize the Liquefy filter inside of Photoshop.

First Step for How to Use the Photoshop Liquify Filter

To start, choose the layer that contains the item you want to distort. If you only want to change part of a layer, you can select that section of the image using any of the selection tools. Here is an image with a pair of legs that we are going to try and slim down a bit to give them a more sleek appearance. Since all we want to affect is the legs themselves, we are going to select them inside the image. However, since the filter will be bound by the outside of the selection area, we want to make sure to select just a little bit more of our image outside of the edges of the leg to allow us some more room to manipulate.

Second Step for How to Use the Photoshop Liquify Filter

With your selection made, now go to the filter menu and choose Liquefy. This will call up the Liquefy options window. Along the left side of the window you will find the Liquefy tools that will allow you to alter and distort your image by moving pixel information around with click and drag functionality. The most effect tools for shedding pounds will be the Forward Warp Tool, which will allow you to push image content in any direction with a click and drag, or the Pucker Tool, which pulls information from the outside of the brush inward toward the center as you click and drag.

If an adjustment creates an unnatural or undesired effect, the reconstruct brush can be used to repair that area and you can try your edit again.

For areas that require adjustment along an edge that you do not wish to alter, for instance the area around this models skirt, the Liquefy Filter offers a Freeze Mask Brush that will create a temporary mask locking all information inside of that mask in place so edits can be made around it while keeping the frozen image information in place.

You will have the best results with these kinds of edits if you utilize both subtlety and a general understanding of human anatomy. Any drastic edits will appear unnatural when applied without patients or attention to detail, however, if you have the time and take the proper approach, even the most dramatic of weight reduction edits can be accomplished.

Tips for Using the Photoshop Liquify Filter

Once you are satisfied with your manipulations, you can confirm them to the image by clicking ok or by striking the Enter or Return keys. If you wish to disregard the changes to your image you can do so by clicking Cancel of pressing the Esc. Key. If at any time inside the Liquefy Filter window you want to discard all of your edits without closing the filter window, you can do this by clicking the Restore All button in the Restoration Options section of the filter options panel.
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