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Video:Adobe Photoshop Pattern Maker

with Don Schechter

Use the Adobe Photoshop pattern maker tool to create patterns out of graphics and photos. Generate original designs and special effects for your projects.See Transcript

Transcript:Adobe Photoshop Pattern Maker

Hi. I am Don Schechter for Computing.

Today, I am going to show you how to create your own pattern to use with the pattern stamp tool in Adobe Photoshop CS 2.

Choose a Pattern

First, open up Adobe Photoshop. Go to file, open, and pick the picture you want to take a pattern from.

New Layer for Photoshop Pattern Maker

Let's create a copy of this background layer. Go to the layers tab and drag the background layer to the create a new layer icon.

Choose Area of Pattern in Photoshop

Now you need to select the area from which you want to generate the pattern. Go to the rectangular marquee tool and click and drag a section to use. I just want to use this little area. Now go to edit, copy.

Create Pattern with Photoshop Pattern Maker

Under Filter, go to pattern maker. This brings up an entirely new screen. First you should click on the box next to use clipboard as sample. If you didn't copy a section in the previous screen, you can go the rectangular marquee here and make a selection.

Here, you can specify the width, height, and other options for the tile. Once you've made your decisions, click on the generate button. After a few seconds your new pattern will appear.

In the tile history region your pattern has just appeared. If you want to make any changes, just change whatever options you want and hit generate again.

Manage Photoshop Pattern Maker Patterns

You can scroll through the different tiles you made by clicking on these arrows. And you can click on the trash icon to to delete the current tile.

If you want to save this pattern click on the little disc icon next to this arrow. Now give it a name and click ok. If you just want to save a pattern for use later, just hit cancel to go back to your picture.

If you want to fill in this pattern over your entire picture, click ok. I don't want to cover it up so I will go to edit, undo.

Use Photoshop Pattern Maker

Now we're ready to use our new pattern. Go to the pattern stamp tool, go to the options near the top of the screen, click on the patterns drop down icon, and at the bottom is our new pattern. We can now paint with this pattern on this or any other picture. Just remember to hit save if you want to keep your pattern for later use.

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