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Video:Adobe Photoshop Magic Eraser Tool

with Don Schechter

Adobe Photoshop's magic eraser tool provides you with a quick and easy way to change a picture's background or other color area with just a few clicks. See how to use it!See Transcript

Transcript:Adobe Photoshop Magic Eraser Tool

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for Computing. Today, I am going to show you how to use the magic eraser tool in Adobe Photoshop CS 2. This tool makes it very easy to change the backgrounds of your pictures.

When to Use Photoshop Magic Eraser

First, open up Adobe Photoshop. Go to file, open, and select your digital picture. I want to get rid of the sky and replace it with something else. I could use the regular eraser and start erasing. However, this is time consuming and very hard to do especially with this picture because there are all those little trees in the background.

Finding Magic Eraser Tool

Instead I want to use the magic eraser tool. This is located in the same place as the regular eraser. Just click and hold down on the eraser icon and select the magic eraser tool.

Photoshop Magic Eraser Effect

With just one click, this tool will erase all pixels that are the same color or near the same color as where I click. So I am just going to go over to the sky and click once. The entire sky, both the blue sky and the white clouds, disappear. However, see the trees. It deleted too much of them.

Revising Magic Eraser Effects

So I am going to go up to edit, undo and reset the picture. At the top of the screen are some options. A high tolerance number will delete a larger range of pixels. So I am going to change this value to a lower number.

Let's see what happens now. That is close and good enough for now. Now let me go to file, open and select another picture.

Integrating Work with Photoshop Images

I will choose the rectangular marquee, press ctrl A or Apple A on a Mac to select the entire picture. To copy it I will go up to Edit, Copy. Let s go back to my first picture and create a new layer by clicking the new layer icon.

Now go up to Edit, Paste to insert the new picture. In the layers palette I need to drag this new layer below the original layer. And finally drag up the picture higher with the move tool. Now I've got a very different picture.

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