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Video:Overview of Adobe Illustrator

with Andrew Hyland

Adobe Illustrator is full of simple and powerful tools to help you create any type of graphic for your next project. Get an overview of Abode Illustrator in this how-to video from About.com.See Transcript

Transcript:Overview of Adobe Illustrator

Hi, this is Andrew Hyland for About.com and this is an overview of Adobe Illustrator.

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Illustrator is a simple yet powerful application for any type of person no matter how skilled you might be. Illustrator is mainly used to create vector graphics that can be use for many different types of projects.

Vector graphics can be scaled without losing any detail or quality. No matter if you need a graphic to go on the side of an airplane or for a small business card creating vector graphics in illustrator allows you to do both.

Vector graphics are always editable which means that you can change the color, size, and dimensions of it without losing any of its quality, clarity, or detail.

Making Graphics in Adobe Illustrator

And illustrator you can open a many different types of files. You can open up the PDF, but EPS, a JPEG, and use any of those graphics for any platforms or projects are working on.

When making graphics in illustrator you can create for any type of platform. The matter if you're creating to have a illustration on a mobile phone or on a website viewed on the computer.

Illustrator has all the basic drawing tools that you would need. It allows artists create simple and complex art that is beautiful as well as functional. Does your comes with tools like a pen, I paint brush, shape tools, and anything you needed to create any sort of objects or graphics.

You truley have unlimited customizing options that you can easily reference back to with one click of a mouse. You can create anything that your heart desires.

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