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Video:Remove Grain in Photoshop

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Adjusting the graininess of an image in Photoshop is simple to do with a little patience and attention to detail. Here's how to get your photos looking the best they can be.See Transcript

Transcript:Remove Grain in Photoshop

A grainy photograph is often created when a photo is taken in a low light situation or the ISO is set to high.  Although in some cases the creation of film grain is an artistic expression. There are several ways to adjust grain in photoshop.  One simple method is to add a surface blur.

Add a Surface Blur

First open your image.  Next select the Channels tab on the left hand side of the work area.  Now click on the blue channel.  Move to the Filter Menu and select blur surface blur.  A small preview box will appear.

Make slow adjustments to the Radius and threshold sliders.  Increasing the threshold increases the amount of tonal blur while increasing the Radius will increase the size of the area to be blurred.  Take your time.

Once you have the settings the way you like click ok and move to the Green channel.  Add a surface blur filter and adjust.  Finish the process by adding the same filter to the red channel.

Perform a Final Mix

Now Click on the RGB channel to see the final mix.  You should notice a significant difference.  Here is the original picture.  And here is our adjusted image.  Surface Blur smooths out the image while maintaining the edges.

For additional tips check out the Graphics Software site.  Thanks for watching.


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