Quick Tip: How to Record and Save Actions in Photoshop CS6 Video
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Video:Quick Tip: How to Record and Save Actions in Photoshop CS6

with Mark Zamora

Recording and saving actions in Photoshop CS6 is a great short cut for editing photos that need the same edits. Watch this About.com video to learn how to record and save actions and spend less time clicking the same buttons in Photoshop.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: How to Record and Save Actions in Photoshop CS6

Hi, Mark Zamora, here for About.com  and I’m going to show you how to record and save actions in Adobe Photoshop.

Use the Actions Window in Photoshop

The first step to using actions in Photoshop is to make sure you have the Actions window open, so go up here to Window. Then choose the Action option.  Now that you have your list of Actions open we can start. In this example, I want to make an action that resizes my photo by 50 percent and desaturates it but you can make an action out of almost any process you use in Photoshop.

Record the Action for Repetitive Photoshop Edits

First, I’ll press the New Action button right here. I’ll give it a descriptive name like “Half Size / Desaturate” and press record. Now, Photoshop is watching everything that I do - THIS is how you create actions.  Now, I’ll reduce the size by 50% and now I’ll desaturate. Done! As you can see, Photoshop took note of everything I did. Then press stop and I have a new action. Now, I can go to this other image - press the Play button while my action is selected and the process is repeated. Be sure to play with actions to make working with a lot of photos and processes easier!

And for more tips on Adobe Photoshop, be sure to visit compute.about.com, thanks for watching!

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