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Video:Make Photo Slideshows in Picasa

with Don Schechter

Slideshows are an attractive way to share and organize groups of photos with your friends and family. Watch how to create a slideshow in Picasa, a free program from Google.See Transcript

Transcript:Make Photo Slideshows in Picasa

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for About.com Computing. Today I'm going to show you how to create a photo slideshow in Picasa2. Picasa is a free, downloadable program provided by Google.com.

Select the Photos for Your Slideshow

  • OPEN Picasa
  • CLICK green 'hold' button to keep pictures in holding tray for slideshow
  • HOLD the CTRL key to select multiple pictures or CLICK and DRAG over them CLICK 'hold' button

Create a Picasa Album

  • CLICK 'Add To' dropdown menu
  • SELECT 'New Album' and provide name, date, etc
  • SELECT album and CLICK slideshow to view as a slideshow

Add Music to the Picasa Slideshow

  • CLICK Tools / Options / Slideshow
  • SELECT to loop slideshow if you want it to run continuously
  • CLICK 'Play MP3s during slidshow' box*
  • CLICK 'browse' button to select music
*Picasa will only play MP3s using Windows Media Player.

Adjust the Slideshow Pace and Captions

  • CLICK 'slideshow'
  • ADJUST display time (bottom right)
  • SELECT captions icon (green check mark) for them to show
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