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Video:Photoshop Tutorial: How to Use Text

with Chris Davis

Adding text to your images in Photoshop CS6 adds a whole new dimension to your creativity. This video will show you how to go about adding text to your photos using Photoshop.See Transcript

Transcript:Photoshop Tutorial: How to Use Text

Hi, I'm Chris Davis for Let's take a look at how to use text in Photoshop CS6.

Using text in photoshop isn't a whole lot different than using text in a word processor.

Adjust the Text for Your Image

In your tool bar, select the text tool. Now move your your mouse over your image. Click once and begin typing. Once you have completed your text, you can continue to make changes. Click and drag over the text, highlighting it. At the top, you can select to make some quick changes to the font, font style, font size, alignment and font color. You can also choose to reshape your text by clicking the Font Warp option. A pop up menu will appear in which you can make warp adjustments. 

Edit Text Using New Layers

Clicking the arrow tool will commit the changes. You will also notice that a new layer was created with your text. You can continue to edit your text by double clicking on the text layer. This will open the layer style options. Experiment a little. You can add bevels, outer glows, inner glows, drop shadows etc. Click OK when you are done, or if you don't like the style, click Cancel.

Using a Text Mask in Photoshop

Also under your text tool, you can create text mask. Start with a new layer. Click the text mask. Type your text. You have now created a mask in the shape of a word. You could, for example, paste into the mask part of an image to create a textured photographic font.

Don't be afraid to experiment a little; you can always click Undo. To learn more, check us out on the web at Thanks for watching.

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