Photoshop Tutorial: How to Record and Use Actions Video
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Video:Photoshop Tutorial: How to Record and Use Actions

with Frank Bayless

Actions are a way of creating customizable, one-step actions for many different types of effects and things that you want to do with your images. This video from will teach you to record and use actions in Photoshop.See Transcript

Transcript:Photoshop Tutorial: How to Record and Use Actions

Hi, this is Frank Bayless for and this is how to record and use actions in Photoshop. 

Finding the Actions Menu

In order to utilize Actions, we want to make sure we have an image open and we'll open up an image, and then I want to go and open up a second image so I can show you to how to use an action that you've created. So, first thing we are going to do is open up our Actions menu, which is by going to your Window menu and going down to Actions or Alt+F9 on your keyboard and that opens up your Actions menu. 

Creating Actions in Photoshop

Inside your Actions menu, you have a bunch of defaults that come with Photoshop that you can use or you can create your own. To create your own, you simply click on Create New Action. We'll call this is a blur. We are just going to add a simple lens blur. You will want to decide where you want to save your set and click Record. Now we are recording a new action, so in order to apply a blur to this and we are going to go up to our Filter menu, go down to Blur and click on Lens Blur and then just click Okay. And as you can see, it's automatically created that layer in our Action for us and applied that lens blur. 

Saving Actions

So if we wanted to save this as is, then we could and anytime we clicked on this Action, it would automatically put that lens blur with these settings onto any image that we'd like. 

But say we want to add a stop with a window that prompts the user asking them or reminding them of certain things, what we can do is go up to the upper right hand corner of our Actions window and click on Insert Stop. Add a message that says – and will allow you to continue so that you can either click Continue or Stop if you want to stop the action completely, and click Okay. And as you can see here, it's added this stop right here. 

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