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Video:How to Use Photoshop CS5 Basic Tools

with Matthew Hendershot

Photoshop CS5 basic tools include the painting tools, selection tools and vector tools. Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop CS5 basic tools to help with photo editing.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use Photoshop CS5 Basic Tools

Getting Started Using Photoshop CS5

Opening Photoshop – To get started in Photoshop, the first step is to get the file you wish to manipulate open in the application. There are several ways to do this. By going to file menu inside the Photoshop Application and selecting Open, a browser window will allow you to select the document you wish to open with the Application. Some short cuts to this are to right+click on a document and select Open With Photoshop, or simply drag the file you wish to open to the Photoshop Icon, these actions will automatically launch Photoshop and create a new .psd file version of the document you plan to edit.

Using Photoshop CS5 Basic Tools

Available tools are shown to the left of the screen, these tools allow you a multitude of precision editing functions for adjusting and manipulating images. The tools themselves are separated into sets of similar functionality to help you more quickly locate a tool for your purpose.

The first Tool Set is the Selection Tools. This set of tools allow you to make precise selections from your source file, including selecting shapes, areas of color, lightness, or darkness, and even taking measurements, and sampling of image colors.

The Painting Tools are sets of brushes that actually paint pixel information onto an image or layer. This pixel information can range from simple color information simulate a traditional paint brush, up to complex pixel patters that can sample and place entire sections of image information.

The Vector Tools are highly precise illustration tools that are incredibly useful in crafting artwork that is perfectly scaleable, allowing for artwork to be enlarged for printing, or shrunk for use on the web without any degradation to the artwork caused by pixel resampling.

There are also tools for manipulating artwork in 3D, choosing colors for creating art, and moving between various editing modes.

Tips for Using Photoshop CS5 Basic Tools

By taking the time to experiment with each of the tools and learn the scopes of their functionality, you can quickly and easily find solutions to any photo editing or manipulation task you may find at hand.
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